Puppet Theatre

A player with many characters, but a lot of them are connected in clusters.

Characters Sort Of By Cluster

Vanilla In Nomine


  • Marc, Archangel of Trade: He's in the core rules. I'm up for running him for other people's scenes; PM me.
  • CelJay user bartholomew_cubbins (a shared account used to write Superior slashfic)
    • Kathleen "Kate" Douglas: Soldier of God, Polyhymnia's partner and roommate. Business Intelligence consultant by day, Dream Soldier by night.
    • Polyhymnia, aka Polly: Kyriotate of Trade, Kate's partner and roommate. They have a corn snake! And a parrot!
  • Strategy Task Force
    • Elizabeth: Seraph of Trade, baby Divine Gamester. Rules are made for loopholing, and moves ought to serve more than one purpose. Into Habbalah and plucking scenes.
  • Other Trade
    • Lily: Blessed soul still working on shedding the habits of mortal disadvantages

The Jinwala family

  • Niloufer "Adara" Jinwala: Soldier of God, stripper. Also a Dream Soldier by night, because the CPG rules make high-Ethereal the most efficient build for mortals. (Most of the freebie skills are Eth-based: Languages, Area Knowledge, Driving…)
  • Jamshedji "Jimmy" Jinwala: Niloufer's brother. He walks with a cane! And is an architect. And a horndog.

Other Vanilla IN

  • Hezekiah: Sweet, psycho Habbalite of Technology.
  • Darkon: Shedite of The Media. Dumb as a post, whipped by Lilim.
  • Sophy: Cute undergrad, Lilim of Technology/The Media (it's complicated)
  • Zin: Hockey-playing Cherub
  • Fearsome: Demonling who likes alliteration, assonance, and rhyme.
  • Mandarin: Elohite of Lightning

Futuristic AU, diverges after Blandine Falls

  • Sirocco: Mortal, hot pilot.
  • Mariel: Archangel of The Mind

Superior Soap Opera

  • 24601, aka Don Cosmo: Imp with a Malakite fetish. Likes pop-up books and musical theater

Interesting Times

  • Kermit: Calabite, formerly of Dark Humor.
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