If you have any questions about the guidelines or anything else, please contact inanutshell_mod.

  • This community may contain adult concepts. Please don't go beyond R-rated content within the community, but posts and comments should be viewed with discretion.
  • Character-specific journals are encouraged, but by no means required.
    • If you're using a personal account, please use a dedicated icon and/or put your character's name in the subject line of your post or your first comment to a thread, to minimize confusion. This especially applies if you intend to run more than one character in the dressing room.
    • Invite codes are available via the post on <lj user=inanutshell_mod> for those in need; those with spare codes are encouraged to offer them to newbies in need via that post as well.
  • There is no GM, and dice rolls and stats are entirely optional.
    • Players should feel free to include dicerolls and/or link to character sheets if they want, and can try to find a third-party arbiter or guest-NPCer if everyone involved agrees (or just work it out among themselves), but none of this is required.
    • That said, some common sense is good: a reliever probably can't easily throw off demonic resonances, a Superior will probably succeed on almost anything s/he tries, and so on.
    • Likewise, please be courteous: even if it's a fair assumption that your Demon Prince can probably mind-whammy the random Servitor you're playing with, try to give the other player a little warning, and don't godmode them into doing something they're uncomfortable with.
  • There are no rules in terms of activity rate, number of characters, or getting characters approved before playing.
    • This does mean that your posts or comments may not always get responses, since nobody's committed to playing regularly and people may be juggling multiple characters or not have a character interested in your post topic, so please be prepared for that situation if it happens.
  • As a dressing room, multiple versions of the same character are allowed, and characters are not limited to a single game-canon.
    • In other words, it's completely reasonable to see amnesiac!Eli, AWOL-for-a-purpose!Eli, SSO Eli, and Fallen Eli all hanging out in the same post, or several people playing their own interpretations of canon Kobal, or one person running two versions of a character, or what-have-you.
    • (OOC notes or links to character summaries are encouraged so that people know who they might be dealing with, but aren't required.)
  • Characters from current games are welcomed, but please keep in mind that anything that happens in the dressing room is not canon for your game unless your GM okays it, and other characters aren't bound by your GM's setting or rules decisions.
    • (Characters from past games and retired characters are also welcomed, but should have fewer issues with this possibility.)
    • Note that characters in the dressing room are not obligated to keep dressing room continuity if they don't want! If you decide that your character's more fun to play without "remembering" a certain event, or want to run the same character in two different scenes at the same time, or play a character for awhile and then reset to an earlier/younger version, or whatever, it's all cool.
  • Non-IN characters are excluded from the community; please check out one of the other dressing rooms on DW.
    • Ethereals and other INized versions of characters are fine, and extremely-AU versions of IN characters are okay (say, a mortal Michael), just nobody who's explicitly not related to In Nomine.
    • If there's a lot of support for the idea of opening the comm up to all characters, the moderator may amend this rule.
  • The moderator will be making "open posts" a minimum of once every other week: posts that are basically just a hook for people to roleplay off of, and which will remain open to new and ongoing threads forever.
    • Note that the moderator does not commit to playing in these posts at all, much less responding to every commentor! They exist as open play-rooms, so nobody has to run a whole post by themselves.
    • These open posts will be announced at <lj user=inanutshell_mod> on Dreamwidth and Livejournal, and other moderator announcements will also be made there.
  • Logs of offsite roleplay or fanfic-ized versions of scenes can be posted over at the OOC community or on the wiki, but please LJ-cut and clearly label such posts so that people can tell they aren't normal posts.
    • Similarly, the main community can be used for limited-access posts (if a couple people want space to play a scene with a couple specific characters, for example), but please LJ-cut and clearly mark these too.
  • OOC posts should not be made except by the moderator. If you feel the need to talk about something OOCly, you can go to the OOC community or the wiki, or leave a comment at inanutshell_mod on Dreamwidth or Livejournal.
  • Any form of roleplaying is allowed: third-person prose, regular journal roleplay, in-character journals or e-mail or instant message conversations, past tense, present tense, whatever. (We seem to be defaulting to third-person present-tense prose for the most part, but that doesn't mean you can't play in another format if you prefer!)
  • Most importantly: GO PLAY, HAVE FUN
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