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Characters Played

Baki, Malakite of Destiny

Formally of War back when he was a wee little Reliever. He's always felt he should be a Bright Lilim at heart, even before fledging. The downside? He's kind of heavenborn. Yeah. Originally from War back when he was a wee little Reliever, he was a bit of a bully. Ended up joining Destiny's service instead after making a deal with Yves - fledge something else, and spend ten years trying to accept himself as that choir. If he still felt unhappy and like it was just not right, then, well… he'd see what he could do. Baki fledged Malakite, despite his professed distaste for the choir. He's still unhappy, and it manifests in his oath chains appearing to be made of heavy cast iron, weighing down his wings and keeping him from the easy flight others manage, as well as circling his neck like a collar threatening to choke him. How in the way they are is a reflection of his own self-esteem at the time. Despite all this… he's actually quite good at being a Malakite, when it comes to dealing with the dishonorable. On average he's mouthy, smarmy, and acts like he's three times the size he actually is.

Grace, Habbalite (Sorta) of Hardcore

Grace actually has no gender or sex, but accepts being called either one as pronouns can be difficult without assigning them. S/he'll point out that neither are correct, though. Grace appears in both forms as an androgynous punk, with burn marks scarring one cheek and gold star stickers on the other. As far as Horrors go she's actually relatively unmarked and looked way too much like an Elohim before her hair grew out. She has some strange ideas about religion. … It'd be better to not resonate her if you're a Malakite. Um, FYI. The last one kind of had a conniption fit. This is because a Habbalite is simply the closest in nature to what she really is. In the simplest terms and the most convenient definitions - Grace is the nobody of the Metatron, and because of that does not technically exist within the scope of the Symphony. Her maxed out skills are singing and shooting. (icon image is of Miyavi from the Jibun Kakumei video.) Grace was played in ROCK ON!! RPG.

Jetreth, Mercurian of Fire

Yes, really, fire. And yes, his vessel is male. Both of these things are a little hard to believe, apparently. At a glance he acts more like a heavenborn Flower-child, but in actuality he is a very recent redemption from Lust, currently serving Gabriel. He deals with his trauma by simply pretending it doesn't exist (that's what happens when you ignore your problems - they go away, right?), which works most of the time. When it doesn't, things tend to fall apart. He's still very determined to do a good job and be a good person. Jetreth is from D.G.C.! (2 & 3)

Madison, Malakite of the Sword

He's a little on the short/athletically thin side, generally dressed in catholic schoolboy attire and looking about that age. His sword is a zweihander of full 130cm -it's ok, it's usually in Scabbard. Oh he has a maxed strength, FYI, so he swings that thing around one-handed half the time. When celestial he always ALWAYS ALWAYS wears the military uniform of The Sword. He gets a bit excitable and is not accustomed to being in the corporeal realm, especially when it comes to interacting with humans. It's best such a thing is not allowed without supervision. Madison was played in ROCK ON!! RPG.

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