the In Nomine Dressing Room

Welcome to the wiki for In a Nutshell! Please feel free to use this for whatever you need: character lists or profiles, writeups, logs of offsite RP, fic, anything as long as it's related to the dressing room.


  • Off-Wiki:
    • in_a_nutshell: The dressing room itself! Anyone and everyone is welcome here, as long as their characters are somehow related to In Nomine or In Nomine Satanis/Magna Veritas.
    • inanutshell_mod: Your friendly local moderator! Please direct any questions, comments, or concerns thataway. (The moderator is sariel_di, available at the same username on LJ and IJ.)
    • inanutshell_ooc: The OOC community, for out-of-character chatter, coordination, information, questions and comments that you don't want to direct straight to the moderator, and anything else.
    • nutshell_feed: The Nutshell's RSS feed on LJ, for all your cross-site watching needs.
  • On-Wiki:
    • The community guidelines, which generally apply to the wiki too.
    • The cast of players in the Nutshell.
    • An index of posts in the Nutshell to date.
    • Some useful links.


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